Top 10 cameras for professional photographers

  1. The Nikon D800:
    The Nikon D800 is a photographer’s delight. With a wide ISO range camera has a high quality AF point system in comparison to the other DSLRs. Highly detailed photography is possible with this camera and since it has a full body sensor it is able to capture every picture in detail. This has only one flaw which is that in the HDR mode you are able to click only two pictures instead of three.
  2. Canon EOS 1D X
    One of the best factors about the Canon EOS ID X is that up to 14 frames per second can be shot continuously by setting it. It is one of the best to shoot action in sports. It is an absolute must for the sports photographer. The camera handles landscapes photography too very well and is considered to be better than other DSLRs. The downside is that it does not have the HDR feature.
  3. The Canon EOS 5D Mark III
    The high end technology in this Canon piece has the latest Digic 5+ processor technology and with this, it is raised higher in performance levels. A perfect camera with a CMOS sensor for landscape photography, a wide spectrum of the image can be captured by it. The only factors against the camera is that the video recording from a monitor attached externally, becomes very slow and falls to about 480. Also the AF system at 61 points is slightly overpowering.
  4. Sony Alpha A99
    This masterpiece from Sony is for top class professionals who want to shoot continuously. It offers an ISO range that is very broad and captures pictures full frame. It is well equipped with a fold out screen and a processor that is very sturdy. It withholds the noise level to the minimum but has a low battery life.
  5. Nikon D7000
    This is one of the DSLR cameras that is equipped with high end technology. It provides the photographer to custom the settings in order to shoot as required. It has a 39 point AF system and 3D tracking. It has a viewfinder that is 100% efficient. The only regret is likely to wish for a more mobile screen as this has a fixed screen.
  6. Canon EOS 5D Mark II
    Add an additional pack of batteries to this fantastic piece of device and shoot more than 1200 shots with a single charge. Though the processor is slightly on the downside in comparison to its peers, the camera has a high –definition video recording ability. It can shoot still shots that are highly detailed and precise.
  7. Nikon D3X
    The Nikon D3X is made up of an alloy of magnesium making it hugely protective from different weather conditions and also makes it weather friendly. Clean ISO, noises accompanying the pictures are eliminated by the camera and provide the Birmingham photographer the joy of clicking though, movie making may not be possible.
  8. Canon EOS 60D
    A best option for quick and easy clicking for architectural photographer, it allows detailed photographic solutions. It is perfect for video recording too and records up to 1080p video. Two downsides to this camera are that the life of its shutter is 100,000 images and that continuous shooting is slower than in other cameras. Its auto focus capabilities are enhanced by the APS-C sensor.
  9. Canon EOS 7D
    Absolutely convenient for the newbie sports professional photographers who need to shoot fast, this Canon EOS 7D is enabled to shoot nearly 8 frames in a second. For a new professional in the world of photography this is affordable and is just right for both photography as well as videography. It is not a full frame camera and does not have an articulated LCD screen which is ideal for the new professional photographer.
  10. Pentax K-5 II
    For a professional photographer Birmingham company, who is still finding base and trying to emerge, this is one of the best cameras to possess. Highly weather friendly, with a sensor that allows photography for the semiprofessional, and a glare diminishing screen, the camera is great for those aiming high in their profession. Its only drawback is its short shutter life.